Friday, November 21, 2008

I could have babysat you....

Los Angeles, 2008
I'm 28 and on the Subway. Two teenagers discuss the girl they were just talking to.
Teenager #1: "Dude, I think she was married."
Teenager #2: "No way! She was so into me!"
Teenager #1: "She had a ring on - wait what hand does it have to be on?"
Teenager #2: "I don't know," turns to me, "Which hand does a woman wear a wedding ring?"
Me: "The left."
Teenager #2 looks down at my hand.
"How come you don't have a ring on?"
I think - ha! Long story...
"Can I put a ring on your finger?"
I start walking away briskly....
"Ah c'mon! I can make you feel like you're 18 again!"
Oh wow. He didn't just say what I thought he did...

Did THAT just happen?


Yeti said...

HAAH! i loooove it. kind of....cute? that's precious they had to ask you what hand the ring went on.

So@24 said...

I can really learn a thing or two from these chauncies.

Bon Don said...

Eeww, dirty birdys! Who says that? Really?

Just stopping by, cute blog!

*Bon Don*